Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Albuquerque teen's 1989 slaying remains unsolved due to police coverup?


Asian Crime In NM & CA

The day after the shooting, while Kaitís family was at the hospital, waiting for her to die, one of Kait's friends informed them that Dung was a member of an Asian crime ring that Kait was in a position to expose.  This now has been confirmed.

One of the many activities this group was involved in was car wreck insurance fraud.  Dung and his friends from Albuquerque would fly to Orange County, CA, rent or steal cars, and then stage wrecks, claiming fake injuries.  The participants would be paid $1,500; doctors, lawyers and paralegals would rake in the Big Money.  Dung has confessed to staging two such wrecks, one of which Kait witnessed, and told investigators that he knew of up to 20 other people in Albuquerque who were also involved.  APD did not even take the names of those people and did not inform the insurance companies or law enforcement in California.




Several members of Dungís group have also been identified as interstate drug dealers and participants in a racket to steal and sell computer chips.  No statements were ever taken from any of those suspects.

Dung has since identified An Quoc Le, his alibi friend for the night of the shooting, as a participant in the car wreck scam.  He has also identified the insurance fraud capper in California as An Quoc Le's cousin, Bao Tran, housemate of a convicted arsonist, Hong Phuc Duy Van.  Both men were employed at the law office of Minh Nguyen Duy/ aka Minh Bui Nguyen/ aka Duy Minh Nguyen, an attorney in Orange County who specializes in auto accident and personal injury cases. His partner was Scott Gentilly. Kait's final phone bill showed calls to Bao Tran, made from her apartment as soon as she was pronounced dead. 




The John Cooke Insurance Fraud Report, a national trade paper for fraud investigators, responded to Kait's story with a full page article titled "The Case That Will Not Go Away":


Sept.-Oct., 1996: "Kaitís web site offers a tremendous amount of information that has been painstakingly gathered by the Arquette family during their unrelenting seven-year search. It asks tough questions and points a finger at a potential cover-up that extends far beyond what was originally thought possible.


"Recent investigation has turned up evidence that the staged auto accident players may also be involved in drug trafficking, stolen cars and stolen computer chips. Connected insurance fraud activity has turned up in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque, El Paso, Houston, Dallas and Kansas City."

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