Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Albuquerque teen's 1989 slaying remains unsolved due to police coverup?


possible intimidated witnesses

A number of people linked to Kait and/or Dung Nguyen suffered suspicious injuries following her murder. Is this just coincidence, or could these have been attempts to intimidate potential informants?

July 21, 1989  (the day of Kaitís funeral) Sharon Smith, the last person to see Kait before the shooting, missed the funeral because she was in the emergency room with a severely wounded arm.  (Allegedly bitten by her own dog, although the scar suggests otherwise, and Sharon will not sign a permit to allow the release of the emergency room report.) 

July 21, 1989  (the evening of the day of Kaitís funeral), Dung Nguyen was stabbed in the abdomen in the room of one of the men who were his alibis for the night of the shooting.  (Alleged suicide attempt, although circumstances indicate otherwise.) 

August 2, 1989  (two weeks after Kait's murder), Ray Padilla, Dungís close friend and drug supplier, had his wrist slashed.  (Alleged suicide attempt).

August 2, 1989  Ray Padillaís friends, Elena Chavez and Kathy Sanchez, who were with him when his wrist was slashed, had their own arms and wrists slashed.  (Allegedly suicide attempts to keep Ray Padilla company.)

February 11, 1990  (3 wks. after his arrest with Miguel Garcia and Juve Escobedo), Dennis "Marty" Martinez was found lying in the doorway of his home with his wrist slashed. (Alleged suicide attempt.)  He survived.

February 4, 1992   (shortly after charges were dropped and he was released from prison), Miguel Garcia was shot in the lower portion of the right abdomen. The bullet came out his back.  It was so close to the spine that doctors thought he was going to be paralyzed.  He survived.  (Alleged suicide attempt.)

September 24, 2003  Robert Garcia, APDís alleged eye-witness to Miguel Garcia shooting Kait, (who later turned out to have been in prison at the time of the shooting), was found dead of a drug overdose.  Someone had dragged his body into an alley and left it there.