Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Albuquerque teen's 1989 slaying remains unsolved due to police coverup?


Vietnamese criminal group

Before midnight on July 16, 1989, about one hour after the shooting, Dung Nguyen phoned his and Kaitís mutual friend, Jane, hysterically babbling, ďKaitís dead!  They shot Kait!Ē Jane is sure of the time, as she and her husband had just finished watching the news and were getting ready for bed.

Dung Nguyen


However, at 3 a.m., when police arrived at the apartment Kait shared with Dung, he apparently was sleeping and knew nothing about the shooting.  He told police that he had stayed away from the apartment all day because he and Kait had had a fight. He said when he came home he found that she had left him an affectionate note that said she was sorry. The unsigned note read, "Hon, where are you?  I know you still mad, I'm so sorry okay!  I miss you today.  I went to Nam house to retune these books.  I'll see ya!  Love."  Police accepted this note as evidence that Kait still loved Dung and was not breaking up with him.



A handwriting expert from the Vidocq Society has since confirmed Kaitís familyís assertion that the note was not in Kait's handwriting.

Police did a primer residue test to see if Dung had fired a gun.  It was negative.  According to police reports, when investigators left the apartment, Dung was leaving immediately to go to the hospital to be with Kait.  Instead, he and two carloads of his friends drove straight down Lomas to the crime scene, by-passing the hospital en route.

Kaitís family wonders how they knew where the shooting occurred, why Dung wanted to go there instead of to Kait, and how all his friends came to be dressed and ready to go at 4 a.m.?

Dung eventually did join Kaitís family at the hospital.  His two carloads of friends remained in the hospital parking lot the rest of the night.

The following evening, when Kait was pronounced dead, Dung called his alibi friends, An Quoc Le and Khanh Pham, who were partying in Kaitís apartment, to tell them Kait was dead.  Phone records indicate that An and Khah immediately called Bao Tran, the insurance fraud capper in California, to report Kaitís death.

After Kaitís funeral, Dung was stabbed in the abdomen, (alleged suicide attempt), in Khanh Phamís dorm room on Kirtland Air Force Base.  (See ďPossible Efforts to Intimidate Witnesses.Ē)  An Quoc Le was there also. According to the OSI spokesperson, Khanh Pham refused to talk to police on the advice of his Air Force attorney.  He never was interviewed.  Although this incident took place on federal property, the knife and Dungís bloody clothing somehow ended up in the APD evidence room.

Dung survived, and when Kaitís mother visited him in the hospital, told her that he knew who killed Kait and was deciding whether he had the courage to tell.  Apparently the answer was ďno.Ē

Dung and his friends were obviously at the scene, or they would not have known where the shooting took place, and Dung would not have been calling people to tell them, ďThey shot Kait!Ē three hours before police informed him of that fact.  Kaitís family speculates that -- if the Vietnamese were not the killers -- they knew or suspected that Kait was in danger and followed her that evening. 

Itís even possible they were trying to find her to warn her.


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