Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Albuquerque teen's 1989 slaying remains unsolved due to police coverup?


dirty cops

Witnesses on Arno Street, one block north of the crime scene, reported hearing gun shots  and looking out their window to see a beige VW bug with more than one person in it come tearing up the street and pull into the lot next door to their house.  Then, the driver turned off his headlights and, after a few moments, drove slowly back down Arno in the direction from which he had come.

That lot next door was the location of an auto body shop, which was an alleged chop shop for stolen vehicles.  According to a private investigator who had the shop under surveillance for an unrelated reason, many of the people who supplied those cars were Vietnamese. It was also a hangout for rogue cops who partied there after hours.  One of those cops has been identified as APD Officer Matt Griffin, the ďNinja Bandit,Ē who was arrested one week before Kaitís death and found guilty of multiple bank robberies and the murder of a witness. His accomplices were never identified.  A mole in the Police Department has told a private investigator that two members of Dungís  Vietnamese group were stealing get-away cars for Griffin.

Other APD officers who partied at that shop have since been convicted of other felonies.  One of those cops was the supervisor of Internal Affairs.  That particular cop was a field officer involved in the investigation of Kaitís shooting.

That same automotive body shop was later raided, for an unrelated reason, by the F.B.I.; Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; APD; and the Department of Public Safety. Guns were confiscated, and the owners' son was arrested for drug dealing.  The owner has stated that he knew Kait.

Why is the information about the VW bug important?  Because the people in that car were fleeing the crime scene and probably trying to take refuge in the fenced area behind the chop shop.  (The gate was locked that night, and they couldnít get in.)  Paul Apodaca, the first person at Kaitís scene, was driving a VW Bug.  Dungís alibi friend, An Quoc Le, owned a VW Bug.  And neighbors at Kaitís apartment complex reported Dung and his friends spray painting a beige VW bug black in the parking lot of the complex the day after Kait died.  (They reported it to the apartment manager, because the black paint was spattering their cars.)  The investigating officer's field notes identity a witness who saw Kait followed from her apartment that night by a VW Bug. (That information was withheld from the case file.)

A witness, who drove past the scene immediately after the shooting, saw an unidentified uniformed officer in a marked car, standing at the open driverís door of Kaitís car, at a time before Det. Merriman, the first officer at the scene, ever got there.  Merriman, who was off duty and out of uniform, has stated that he did not go to the driverís side of Kaitís car.

Kaitís family wants to know the identity of this ďmystery cop,Ē what he was doing at the scene, and why he didnít report the shooting?


other cop disagrees

Crime Scene Photos Examined by Out-of-State Agency

ďJudging from the picture of the bullet hole in Kait's car, I would have to say that she was run off the road and the killer exited the vehicle and fired the shots into the car while standing behind her. This is based on the height of the bullet hole and the apparent angle of strike.  I am also convinced that the killer was a police officer. This is based again on the angle of strike and placement of the bullet hole. For the bullet to strike at this angle position the killer would have been standing behind Kait just in the exact place a police officer would be trained to stand when effecting a traffic stop and holding a gun as only a police officer would have been trained to do so. The killer was a police officer, the Arquettes can take that FACT to the bank. I'll bet my life on it.Ē


Driver Side Window Of Kait's Car


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