Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Who Killed Kait Arquette?
Albuquerque teen's 1989 slaying remains unsolved due to police coverup?



After the publication of Kait’s mother’s book, WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER? by Lois Duncan, the Arquette family received unconfirmed information that Kait was playing a dangerous game of Nancy Drew.  Certain members of her boyfriend's group allegedly were linked to political VIPs involved in the New Mexico drug scene, and Kait was attempting to confirm their identities.


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Four nationally acclaimed psychic detectives, consulted individually, without any knowledge that others were also doing readings, said Kait was taken to a party house in the mountains where she witnessed a political VIP purchase drugs.  The psychics said Kait thought of this house as “The Desert Castle.”

The Arquettes initially rejected that suggestion as ridiculous. However, they now have reason to reconsider this possibility.

In May 2004, Chief Judge John Brennan, of Albuquerque was arrested on narcotics charges.  That opened a can of worms that may affect a number of New Mexico homicide cases going back many years.  To date, six families have contacted Kait’s parents to say that their own young adult children were killed because of their knowledge of VIP drug activity.  None of those cases were prosecuted.  

In June 2004, KRQE TV aired information from a long-buried narcotics report about drug activities involving, not only Judge Brennan, but numerous other prominent NM judges, attorneys, and members of the state legislature dating back to before Kait was murdered. 

“It draws on a variety of sources and reads like a Who’s Who of the New Mexico drug underworld,” the reporter said.  “Judges, lawyers, politicians, sports celebrities and prominent businessmen appear in the report right along side the State’s narcotics kingpins.”  David Iglesias, US Attorney for New Mexico, called the detailed document about drug smuggling and money laundering in New Mexico “a page-turner I couldn’t put down.”

The names of those VIPS have not been released, and no action has been taken against anyone other than Judge Brennan.

There were three missing hours in Kait’s final evening.  She left her parents home at 6:15, (allegedly headed directly for dinner at Sharon Smith’s house), and, according to police reports, did not arrive at Sharon’s house until 9:30 p.m.

What did she do during those hours?

Could she have met up with someone who took her to a party in the mountains?

Or did she try to pass information to the wrong police officer?


Psychic Readings

These are only impressions of what was in Kait’s mind during her final moments of consciousness.  She believed that the motive for her murder was that she had become a threat to this VIP. She may have been wrong and was killed for some other reason. 

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